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World’s largest independently owned public relations firm Edelman, released the result ofWorld’s Most Trusted Government is UAE - study its study about world’s most trusted leaders where the United Arab Emirates reigned the said survey.

Entitled Edelman Trust Baromoter, the 14th annual exploration of trust surveyed 33,000 respondents (6,000 Informed Public and 27,000 General Public respondents) in twenty-seven markets across the globe on their trust in institutions, reliable sources or channels and precise issues and perceptions that impact trust in government and businesses. 

UAE chucked out China from the first spot of this year’s trust Barometer gathering the most number of people’s trust in their government and businesses operating in the country.

The UAE was the biggest climber over the past year, increasing its score from 66 to 79 compared to the global average score of 54. The increase lifted the UAE from sixth in the 2013 list.

On his twitter account, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s prime minister, vice-president and Ruler of Dubai, commend the ranking.

“The UAE govt. and business won the first place worldwide in trust according to 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed said.”According to Edelman, the NY based company, the UAE’s plans, and strategies contributed to the trust in performance it earned over the year,” he tweeted.

“It is great to see the fast progress for the United Arab Emirates from the 6th to the 1st place over the period of one year only. The people’s trust in the govt is a result of the leadership closeness to them and attending to their needs and demands.”

Edelman said on its website that “trust is an asset that businesses must comprehend and run properly to be able to be successful in the present multifaceted operating setting.”

“In contrast to reputation, which is grounded on a combination of past experiences with a brand or company, trust is a forward facing metric of shareholder expectation”, it added.

Edelman said trust declined over the last year, due in large part to declines in trust of government in many countries.