World’s Tallest Twisted Tower In Dubai Bought Its Own Airspace

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Cayan Tower, the world’s tallest twisted tower buys its own airspace which addsWorld's Tallest Twisted Tower In Dubai Bought Its Own Airspace peculiarity to the building.
Formerly known as Infinity Tower, Cayan Tower is located in Dubai Marina with a 90 degree twisted design.
According to a senior resident Engineer of the tower, some of the façade of the building is about 7-8 meters hanging over making it outside of the footprint of the building so the developer had to pay fees to occupy air space outside the plot limit.
And due to the rotation of the tower, developer had to buy its own air space whereas 310m tower façade of the building can be clean in 3 weeks to 3 months time. The management cleans the building 4 times a year.
There are 2 cleaning methods to be use to clean and maintain the beauty of the landmark tower.
The 1st method is the Building Management Unit with systems imported from Spain. Using a machine suspended from the roof, 2 people will be carried. This will take 3 months to clean the building.
The 2nd method will only take 3 weeks wherein almost 20 people use rope access in cleaning. This method is called Abseiling.

Here are the other amazing facts about the World’s Tallest Twisted Tower:

  • The tower is 310-metre high with 75 storeys
  • It has 495 apartments (studios to penthouses)
  • Construction started in 2006 and was finished in 2013
  • It has seven high-speed lifts (eight metres per second)
  • It has six underground basements
  • Total steel reinforcement grade used is 25,000 tonnes
  • Depth of excavation is 27 metres