World’s Second Cleanest City is Ifrane in Morocco

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International magazine MBC Times conducted a survey on cleanest city in the World ofWorld’s Second Cleanest City is Ifrane in Moroccowhich Ifrane in Fez, Morocco placed on 2nd spot. Canada’s Calgary city throned the list.
Knows for its mountainous nature and cold weather in winter, as well as for its skiing stations, Ifrane came ahead of cities, such as Ottawa, Helsinki and Singapore. The study likened Ifrane to a Swiss village and praised the “optimal” quality of its air, its spring water sources, its waterfalls, as well as its national park.
“Ifrane is a stay that you won’t forget. It is reminiscent of certain Swiss villages! It is the perfect place to top up your reserves at altitude. When the weather is good, walk close to the Vittel spring and its waterfalls shaded by the poplar and maple trees,” according to the study.
“Its national park contains one of the largest cedar plantations in the world, where mischievous monkeys, which are used to seeing people, will welcome you. The lakes and rivers are crammed with pike and trout,” it added.
The list of the world’s cleanest cities is as follows:
1) Calgary (Canada)
2) Ifrane (Morocco)
3) Helsinki (Finland)
4) Honolulu (Hawaii)
5) Wellington (New Zealand)
6) Adelaide (Australia)
7) Kobe (Japan)
8) Ottawa (Canada)
9) Reykjavik (Iceland)
10) Singapore
11) Curitiba (Brazil)
12) Brisbane (Australia)