World’s Largest Crane Simulator Inaugurated In MOROCCO

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Norway based crane stimulation Company Kongsberg Globalsim installed the world’s World's Largest Crane Simulator Inaugurated In MOROCCOlargest crane stimulator in Morocco for National Ports Agency (ANP).
ANP crane operators can carefully and efficiently learn to operate the new equipment as the stimulator uses 10-metre dome and 12 projectors to form a focal virtual training environment.
The office is assuming that the training time required in creating proficient operators will be decreased as the stimulator is included into its training routine. Also the number of accidents due to weak handling of heavy port equipment will be lessening.
The stimulator is said to be one of the most realistic virtual training arenas in the world. It is supported by a detailed customization manufactured by Kongsberg in imitating the port of Casablanca.
The stimulated cranes and layout matched the actual cranes and design of the real port. Even the city’s skyline, complete with the pointed spires of mosques, is recreated on the horizon.
A diversity of training operations available on a stimulator is one of the major advantages of using stimulation for heavy apparatus training. ANP system is capable of stimulating six different crane models making it one of the distinctive training stimulators in the world.
This means that it can be used in the morning to train ship-to-shore crane operators and then in the afternoon can be used to train straddle carrier operators.
This simulator presents the real look and feel of using the simulated equipment, as it features authentic controls, a full cab, and an inverted six degree-of-freedom motion base mounted above the cab.