Wi-fi Internet Access Across Dubai for Public Use

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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President of United Arab Emirates and Ruler ofWi-fi Internet Access Across Dubai for Public Use Dubai, revealed his plan to provide wider WiFi internet dispersion throughout the city.

The plan is under his vision to Dubai to become Wi-Fi internet ‘smart city’ whereas access to the internet could be accessible throughout Dubai for public use.

On his tweeter account, Sheikh Mohammed stated that the project seeks to offer all residents of the city with fast and reliable internet in public areas, and live services as well as information. The Dubai Smart City project includes remote sensor devices all across the city. Healthcare, education, and general security will be operated by means of smart systems.

It was not further clarified if the project would encompass an open, free Wi-Fi network, or a closed 3G connection restricted to within circles in e-Government services only.

Since 2004, municipal Wi-Fi has been accessible at areas around the world, but has different degrees of success in its present form.

Part of the vision are the earlier project of Sheikh Mohammed such as launching an m-government initiative this year wherein road tolls, utility bills, and traffic fines can be paid using a smartphone. This “enable the public to transact with public departments using their smartphones any time, any day of the year”, state news agency WAM reported.