A web TV for Moroccan Supreme Court, Soon

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In the name of transparency, the Moroccan Supreme Court will soon launch a web TV andA web TV for Moroccan Supreme Court, Soon social media participation.

The President of the Moroccan Supreme Court said that in order “save the memory of the judiciary and introduce it to the society”, a television station named TV-cassation and Facebook and Twitter account of the court will be introduce to the public.

He further said that all the technical arrangements have been taken into consideration to launch an “unprecedented experience”. As per information, TV-Cassation will record and broadcast all seminars and activities organized by the Supreme Court throughout the year.

“The court will also proceed in the E-Library project and a Database of legal and judicial documents,” he added. The Moroccan Supreme Court will provide litigants with an electronic remote litigation service which allows sending and receiving administrative and judicial documents instantly.

The court is also considering providing “over the phone” services and interactive screens in courts, in addition to providing services for people with special needs.