Water Taxis to Great Britain Island Agreement Signed

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The agreement between Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Great Britain Island concerning water taxis as marine services, aWater Taxis to Great Britain Island Agreement Signed transportation to and from the manmade island is officially approved.
The signing which was done this week confirming that RTA will operate the water taxis and commuter ships to Great Britain Island as soon as it has been developed into a luxury resort by the Q Group.
The developer of the island says that there are more unveiling plans to be release the project is undergoing a development.
This part of Dubai World’s development plans, a 20 minute cruise going to the island will be provided as marine transportation services including variety of tour packages on the shores and skyline of Dubai for visitors.
“We had a plan when we bought Great Britain and it hasn’t changed. We are delighted to continue work on this renowned project, and are excited about the prospect of delivering our unique vision”, says CEO of the developer.
“In the near future we plan to launch the island project and reveal the exciting plans for this unique destination. I believe the World Islands will offer a unique experience in Dubai”, he added.

Mohamed Dekkak