UNICEF used technology-driven solutions to uplift children welfare

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United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) collaborates with a multinational semiconductor intellectual property (IP) supplier to expedite technology innovations which would surmount the interference for the acquisition of basic assistance, health, educational services of the families.

UNICEF used technology-driven solutions to uplift children welfare

UNICEF used technology-driven solutions to uplift children welfare

The consortium underlines UNICEF’s objective to offer quicker and wide-ranging aids to the youth who are dealing with the consequences of intensifying urbanization and greater social and economic divides. UNICEF and its partner aim to push the tech sector to innovate for impact.

The consortium’s first step is to promote a ‘Wearables for Good’ competition to create new designs for modern devices that undertake maternal and child health needs in emerging economies.

The challenge is to be held for a period of more than six months and all those interested particularly the community partners, problem-solvers, developers, designers, are called to participate in devising a wearable and sensor technology that provides a productive, competent, and sustainable solution to compelling maternal, newborn or child health problems.

In the end, two winners will be selected according to a set of criteria and each winner will be entitled for a monetary funding as well as incubation and mentorship programs.

UNICEF and its partner will asses and upgrade pilot projects that can be executed at a national level. Later on, UNICEF will announce the most beneficial solutions after trials across the UNICEF network and invest to distribute them to wherever they are needed.

In the long run, the partnership will undertake research to review and endorse market opportunities in developing countries. After gathering the results, they will summarize the basis and importance of investing in mobile financial solutions, wearable/sensor technology, learning, identity and transportation services.

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