UNESCO, to penetrate “The Heart of Sharjah”

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Two years from now, the United Nations Cultural Organization or UNESCO officials is going toUnesco, to penetrate “The Heart of Sharjah” visit the Heart of Sharjah before finally making a recommendation to include the site in their list of world heritage.
Base on UNESCO standards, a spot can be considered as a world heritage if it has exceptional natural significance like forest, mountains, islands or even man- made formations which serves importance to the culture.
Fortunately, UNESCO is giving them a full support to protect and maintain the site. The heritage areas of Al Ain including the oases are already on the lists of UNESCO which has been recommended to be one of the world’s heritage.
Being the oldest part of the emirate, The Heart of Sharjah also contributed to The Heart of Sharjah is the oldest part of the emirate and contributed to the progress of trade industry. It has also incomparable worth in the history not just in UAE but also in the whole world.