UK Expert Hails UAE as “BEST-RESOURCED IN THE WORLD” Nuclear Program

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The ABU DHABI nuclear programmed was the best thought-through and resourced in theUK Expert Hails UAE as “BEST-RESOURCED IN THE WORLD” Nuclear Program world, the leading expert said.
The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and a member of the International Advisory Board, told the audience at a public forum of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation of her pride in being associated with the project. The commitment of having Emiratis run the nuclear power plants was impressive and made it different from other nuclear programmers.
According to the expert, “When I talk about the programmed anywhere around the world, we refer to the Abu Dhabi programmed as the gold standard,” she said. “It’s clearly the best thought-through and resourced nuclear programmed in the world today. Everyone is proud to be associated with it.”
He also said that, according to a UN study on radiation released in 2000, any person living on earth would be exposed to 240 millirems a year from natural resources. A new study would be released by next year to determine the electricity needs of the nation over the next 10 years.
Man-made resources expose people to approximately 40.7 mrem a year. The exposure of living within 80km of a nuclear plant is about 0.1 mrem.
In conformity with the leading expect, “We will conduct the study every 10 years to forecast the electricity demand over the next decade,” he said. “In 2020, 25 per cent of electricity in the UAE will be provided through nuclear energy, 7 per cent will be from renewable and the rest will come from conventional resources such as oil and gas.”
“By 2030, studies show that the number of people living in the UAE will increase by 40 per cent and the GDP is expected to more than triple, reaching Dh1.5 trillion,” he said. “This is a huge industrial growth.”
The Government said to had set up a committee to set the best policies for energy production. “We’ll have the smartest energy portfolio in the world to support our economic development,” he said.