UAE tops world full-time employments

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Abu Dhabi: More of the UAE personnel, 59% have full-time employments than in any country in the world.

UAE tops world full-time employments

UAE tops world full-time employments

An American management consultancy company put employment-related inquiries and survey to 1,000 UAE residents as part of its payroll to population research based on more than 136,000 interviews in 136 countries.

Of those surveyed, approximately 20% of the samples were nationals, around 40% were Arab expatriates and likely 40% were non-Arab expatriates.

Even if the 59% figure is not in itself astonishing, since an approximated 85% of the populations are expatriates and by definition employed, specialists revealed that it exemplified how fascinating and alluring the UAE was as a place to dwell and work.

To begin with, UAE offers a protected and safe way of living with a good working atmosphere. UAE is a tax-free salaries, allowing residents to save money, was a major aspect in the number of people going to the UAE to look for job, as different to European and Asian nations with high rates of tax.

The assistant undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Maj. Gen Nasser Al Menhali stated that the primary feature of the UAE is to welcome the people from different countries and provide them the best surroundings to work here. This is one of the reasons why large numbers of people come to work and be a part of the enhancement of the nation.

Meanwhile, the management of the country has laid prominence on employing all nationals and providing the full rights to foreigners who work here.

Mr. Al Menhali also averred that people from around 200 countries work in the UAE have complete liberty and get the pleasure from the best services, safety, security and health.

Mohamed Dekkak