UAE Targets to be the World’s Hub for 3D Printing Technology

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UAE Targets to be the Worlds Hub for 3D Printing Technology

UAE Targets to be the Worlds Hub for 3D Printing Technology

As part of Dubai’s strategy to become a world leading technology hub, another ambitious plans of developing and harnessing 3-D printing was recently announced at the launch of Dubai 3D Printing Strategy by no less than the Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid.

The event was organized by a unique global initiative that aims to exploit technology for the service of humanity and promote the status of the UAE and Dubai as a leading country of 3D printing technology by 2030. Also present at the launch were the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Deputy Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammad.

The 3D printing technology is considered to be capable of changing the construction industry by lowering costs, reducing manpower, lessen waste generated from construction materials and saving time to finish projects. The 3D printing technology can also provide solutions to other vital areas such as medical products, focusing on 3D printed teeth, artificial bones and organs as well as surgical devices.

Sheikh Mohamed stated that UAE will continue its vision to become a global leader in taking innovation to future heights. The country is driven by a profound understanding of the future needs, thus building proactive ideas because it wants to be on the top globally. The methodology is based on ideas that could also be adapted anywhere, thus creating a model not only for the country’s economy but also for other countries.

The Ruler of Dubai expects usage of 3-D printing construction to increase by 2 percent a year. He also directed Dubai Municipality, Dubai Holding and Dubai Health Authority to implement this strategy.

In the medical products sector, the technology could be used on 3-D printed teeth, artificial bones, medical and surgical devices and hearing aids, with a projected value of Dh1.7 billion by 2025.

Consumer products made using  3-D printing will include household items, fashion jewelry, children’s play games, with an estimated value of Dh2.8 billion by 2025.

Sheikh Mohammed has directed organizations including, Dubai Holding, Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Municipality, under the supervision of the Dubai Future Foundation, to implement the overall strategy. He believes that the future will depend on 3-D technologies covering all aspects of human life.