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Last December 5, the show China Homelife was held at the Dubai Int’l UAE supports China's Major Draw in Trade DevelopmentConvention & Exhibition Center as the biggest exhibit for home items were a lot of Chinese companies move for business in Middle East country.
The show has realized three hundred percent boosts in exhibit area with participants reaching a goal of almost six thousand last year as it launch in 2010.
The main objective of it is to stimulate exportation of Chinese manufacturers to emerging market, as illustrated by the operating officer of the Meorient Int’l Exhibition.
The most marketable house items such as portable electronics, home textiles, furniture, arts, and crafts, with the prime exhibitors from medium to big manufacturers of garments, textiles, furniture, kitchen, lighting, and bath items and house decors.

The three-day fair covered a vast range of products, ranging from interior decor, kitchens, and baths to home appliances, furniture, products for mothers and babies apparel, gardening appliances and fabrics textiles, even fitness equipment.
Some factory manager says every year they have to increase income by ten to fifteen percent to employ people, even as international companies. The assets and construction boom in this country especially has fuelled unprecedented demand for home products to furnish the new apartments and office buildings that have sprung up and this translated into strong demand to exhibit at the China Homelife Show.
Throughout the first 3 quarter of this year the Chinese home appliances refuse and there is still no perceptible sign of a recovery, according to China’s largest home appliance manufacturer, Haier Group’s Middle East and Africa overseas business division head.

A large majority of today’s customers make their purchasing decisions based on return on investment (ROI).
One of the reasons for that is due to the current focus of China is more on building the domestic consumption market and less on exports.

A sample of this is the falling sizes at the biannual China Import & Export Fair, also called the Canton Fair, the biggest trade fair of China and an indicator of foreign trade since it started in 1957.
“The decline from both last autumn and the spring sessions specified that the world economic recovery is still on an unstable and uncertain course, which keeps on challenging the development and stability of foreign trade of China as,” he ended.