UAE Sets Regulations in Protecting Tools and Machineries Workers from Danger

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At the commencement of Occupational Safety & Health Middle East (OSHME) conference constituting the International Exhibition forOccupational Safety & Health Middle East Security and National Resilience (ISNR) at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, UAE labor law sets parameters in protecting workers in the country from any kinds of risks.

On his opening remarks, UAE’s Minister of Energy said that basic requirements have been laid down that will serve as prevention system in protecting workers from work injuries, fire and other occupational health hazards including tools and machines.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi’s Occupational Safety and Health Department (OSHAD) expressed that ensuring the implementation of occupational safety and health with individual consciousness (OSH) is an organizational liability.

ADEHSMS supports the authority’s regulations and monitors employers and workers to develop and maintain an effective OSH Program in the capital.

The conference aims to promote national and regional networking of stakeholders and professionals in order to encourage the development of a culture of prevention.

The key factors affecting safe workplace environment, challenges in policy making both at national and enterprise level, local OSH regulations and initiatives, international standards ‘&’ best practices, regulatory expectations, and an organizations obligations towards a safe workplace were also discussed.

The event have attended by 400 safety and health governing officials, policy makers, facility supervisors ‘&’ managers, human resources specialists, construction managers and contractors, legal advisers as well as safety officers ‘&’ professionals.

Mohamed Dekkak