UAE to reform International Economic Landscape

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The UAE called on Arab and Central Asian states and Azerbaijan to play a practical role in reforming the worldwide economic landscape and conveyingUAE to reform International Economic Landscape the economic gravity and weight to the South.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE Minster of Economy hosted the first forum on economy and cooperation of Arab nations with the Central Asian States and the Republic of Azerbaijan. They highlighted the need for increasing the extent of mutual cooperation between these nations in order to develop a bubbly, helpful economic association with the world order.

The minister, who led the UAE delegations, said these states require innovative ideas to enhance economic cooperation and increase inter-state deal and joint investment. He disclosed that the private sector role should be expanded as a tactical partner and key player in turning economic cooperation policies into concrete certainty through adoption of an apparent action strategy.

The Forum gives a fitting chance to create a tough relationship, broaden bridges of constructive collaboration among all stakeholders and set principles and agenda for future significant discussion between the two regions which can create together an effective economic giant in the international landscape. The forum fascinated ministers of economy, finance and foreign affairs, investment from 27 states.
Mohamed Dekkak