UAE recreation market to fascinate 45 million by 2021

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UAE’s leisure and entertainment (L&E) market possibility will arrive at 45 million visitors by 2021, with worldwide tourists tallying for 30 million, whereas residents, friends and relatives of residents total an additional 15 million, according to studies.

UAE recreation market to fascinate 45 million by 2021

UAE recreation market to fascinate 45 million by 2021

It was also considers that theme parks in the pipeline will fascinate 18 million stays. Information revealed that UAE’s makeover into a world-class leisure and entertainment destination, the nation can happen to a world-class leisure and entertainment destination to competitor cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Orlando, if it takes a holistic tactic to develop its geographical place, high quality enticements and investment in infrastructure.

The report glares at the recent tourism enablers that have given a robust foundation for the UAE to develop into a worldwide centre for tourism, in addition to the vital reflections for the nation to persist increasing to develop into a first-rate leisure and entertainment destination.

The UAE is enhancing an additional five full-scale theme parks in the next three years. The key to a steadily flourishing destination is enabling guests to take pleasure in multiple enticements. Proposing multi-park tickets, all complete packages and coordinated guest management from booking through inbound and local transportation, hotels and attractions will be vital.

Theme parks will require to cope with varied cultures of guests from the Middle East, Europe and Asia, as well as to overcoming weather challenges, and giving the right destination management establishments to give a graceful happening for guests, and contend with destinations like Hong Kong and Singapore.

The UAE already competes Orlando in the scale of transport links, food and beverage and lodging sectors and its central international place. For example, Dubai International Airport went beyond Heathrow in 2014 to turn into the world’s busiest airport, with 70 million worldwide passengers every year. In assessment, Orlando airport observes 36 million travelers yearly, with several guests driving from close to the states.

The UAE’s supply of hotel rooms is established to twice as much by 2020, from more or less 100,000 rooms in 2014. In difference, Orlando hotel room supply was around 120,000 in 2014. The foodservice division is worth roughly five billion in the UAE, in comparison to 5.6 billion in Orlando. The UAE foodservice sector is fixed to improve by half to 7.5 billion in 2018.

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