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The involvement of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Expo Milan 2015 is projected to intensify tourism to the UAE and from the country to Italy.

The UAE pavilion at Expo Milan, a six-month exhibition that started in May, fascinates amid 7,000 and 8,000 guests from around the world each day, who observe presentations and short films on the UAE, and are provided details on Dubai Expo 2020, which is approximated to receive 25 million guests.

The presence of UAE at Expo 2015 in Milan will provide the UAE a concrete prospect to endorse itself as a swift rising business and leisure tourism destination at one of the largest affairs internationally. This should make significance among more tourists to visit the nation in the upcoming for business and leisure as well.

UAE in Milan will help fascinate more vacationers to Expo 2020 in Dubai, not just Italians but also Europeans visiting Expo Milan.

The said participation in Expo Milan will also give confidence more business and leisure tourists from the country to visit Italy.

Provided the solid attraction and eagerness seen among the UAE residents after winning the Expo 2020, more UAE nationals are expected to visit the Expo 2015 in Milan. Firms concentrated on influencing the Dubai Expo 2020 to cultivate their business in the UAE may find it helpful to visit Milan to comprehend and appreciate the affair more intimately and evaluate the chances such an affair can provide to their businesses in the UAE.

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