UAE, to open 200,000 Expo 2020 Jobs, says Experts

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Economic experts said that for the next 5 years, United Arab Emirates will be opening forUAE, to open 200,000 Expo 2020 Jobs; says Experts almost 200,000 job opportunities returning to its “glory days” because of Dubai’s successful bid to host the Expo 2020.

With this expectation, a management stimulation team has been launched in the country to guide and prepare young professionals and students towards the thousands of jobs that will be created.

The UAE Global Management Challenge will encourage and stimulate entrants to gain practical experience through an innovative competition. The team will be given a complete control of a virtual company with the objective of obtaining the highest investment performance for its shareholders.

According to the statement made by Mian Muneer Uddin, the leader of the consulting and advisory services company that brought the Global Management Challenge to the UAE, the country is rich with talent. With the support of the UAE Global Management Challenge, young managers and university students can improve their abilities and discover what they want to do in the coming years.

The Expo is running for 6 months and will give a lot of employment opportunities in the fields of real estate, finance, retail hospitality, and other services. With the endeavor to encourage students and professionals to acquire strong practical experience and become a desired employee, the competition dares young business persons to take over the gears of a virtual company.

The individuals who participate in the competition will have the opportunity to the know-how of the private sector while attaining insight and skill into administration, so they can better make a career choice.