UAE MOPW carries out three road development projects

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Three new road projects have been confirmed by the Ministry of Public Works which was developed to link different parts of the country, while underlining the UAE 2021 Vision and the country’s National Agenda.

UAE MOPW carries out three road development projects

UAE MOPW carries out three road development projects

The first project covers the development of the 35 kilometer Sharjah – Dhaid Road which is divided into three phases. The project is currently on the designing stage for its first phase and for the fifth to eighth junctions in both ways. The project is expected to be finished by the end of 2017.

The second project about the UAE-Oman border towns Shaam – Al Dara Road has reached the finalization of its design. The project is developed to adhere with the strategy to fortify the national road network and to link the northern and southern regions to eastern and western regions.

It is considered to be one of the essential projects that would help in improving the flow of traffic, and has a major role in the efficiency in the progress of commercial traffic in the northern region, including the trade and tourism in the country.  It is expected to be completed on the second quarter 2016.

The third project deals with the completion of the Western Khorfakkan Road. The proposed project is a matching road to the existing Khorfakkan road, the Western Khorfakkan Ring Road, and E99. It basically helps to ease the flow of traffic in Khorfakkan, and improve road safety and security.

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