UAE lighting business to increase by 15%

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The Dubai government’s vision is to put up a sustainable and eco-friendly emirate. A private company is planning to commence more energy-efficient lighting products in UAE.

UAE lighting business to increase by 15%

UAE lighting business to increase by 15%

The UAE lighting business is now worth Dh1 billion and is approximated to increase by 15% in 2015. Energy-efficient lighting products make up roughly 20% of that, but will mount at a much higher yearly progress rate of 300% in 2015 due to new regulations on use of conventional lighting, according to the general manager.

Presently, the Dubai government is heading the way in the substitution of old lights with LED technology, followed by malls, showrooms and hotels, as these divisions have a lot of lights with high-watt utilization.

Their upcoming plans for the country include creating energy-efficient products as a must-have for the nation. They aspire to bring to the UAE lighting solutions that are not only energy-efficient, but also visually extremely alluring and would augment the splendor and magnificence of the UAE’s landscape and architecture designs.

Some of the current projects include the entire lighting redecoration and renovation of the Dubai Police Traffic Department Headquarters Building in Al Barsha and a project for the Dubai Police’s Officers Club in Al Garhoud.

Energy wise, if the totality of UAE moves to energy competence lighting, it was reported that there is no accurate research for such supposition, however if they take interior lights saving about 60% while the exterior saving about 35% then, it could carefully presume that the UAE could save approximately 50% of its present electricity consumption.

On the other hand, the necessity for saving is to guarantee that there is enough electricity for the future progress of the cities.

Mohamed Dekkak