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Experts and professionals in employment industry say that more opportunities will be UAE Job Opportunities Is Increasing – Hiring Expertsavailable in UAE.
Nearly 2-3% of vacancy increase and 5-6% modest improvement on the salary is being anticipated by a global recruitment service provider.
This year, business confidence has returned to the country and is continuously performing compare to other regions around the world.
One global recruitment firm states that their clients posted 13% yearly increase on the number of vacancies as the country is growing showing a good boost from several sectors.
“Despite the ongoing global economic issues, the UAE with a GDP growth rate of 3 per cent has been outperforming other regions around the world. As a result, confidence is returning to the business environment which is filtering through to the hiring market,” the company says on a press release.
Other hiring experts emphasizes that these opportunities will be available in the financial services and banking sector, as well as in the retail and hospitality, and transport and construction industries.
Hiring professionals noticed the rapid growth and increase in numbers of “customer-facing roles” in retail and hospitality sectors.
While the active performance of transport and construction sectors are also on the lookout for highly qualified specialist profiles, such as engineers and experienced project managers.

For the financial sector, other skills which are likely to be in demand by employers across the region over the remainder of the year include accountancy, sales and procurement.