UAE is the first to launch McLaren supercars

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The launch of the McLaren’s first ever used supercar scheme in the Middle East was a hitUAE is the first to launch McLaren supercars in the UAE. McLaren Qualified is the company’s way of taking used 12C and 12 Spiders and putting them back on the second-hand market with an assurance that they are as reliable as new models.
The supercars are ideal for taking onto open track days of both Dubai Autodrome and Yas Marina Circuit and Qualified will make that a possibility for even more drivers who will then hopefully develop that into other areas of motorsport. The major attraction of McLaren Qualified is accessibility in that it will give more people then chance to own and drive a 12 C or 12C Spider. It is the current Middle East Car of the Year and the response to it has been fantastic in the region.
It was launched in the UAE before anywhere else in the Middle East as it is the biggest market and there are many sports car enthusiasts. The UAE is becoming an increasingly sophisticated market in terms of what they look for when buying as a sports car. Though cars through the Qualified scheme are still not cheap with the price stag starting at around Dh700,000 but McLaren are offering a full free upgrade to 2013 specifications on all models which includes the latest power options ideal for racing around the track.
Owners can make a huge range of customizations to each car of which the performance of 12C and 12C Spider is compared to its rivals. Local McLaren drivers can participate in an open track days, the best ways to develop genuine driving talent. The company has made a film of them in action at Yas Marina Circuit on the same track as where the McLaren F1 team performs each session.