UAE Industries, to Profit in Expo 2020

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A report conducted by the Federal Authority of Human Resources said that five key businesses will benefit from Dubai as it will host the WorlUAE Industries, to Profit in Expo 2020 Expo 2020.

The Expo 2020 found that real estate as well as infrastructure, retail, hospitality, banking and finance and transportation will witness key growth and so will need to increase. According to the report, Emiratis will benefit from the development of these businesses.

Meanwhile, careers in advertising, retail, media and hospitality will look progressively more promising and exciting for the younger generation of Emiratis. As a result this will help raise the status of vocational education.

A development in entrepreneurial industries and the creation of small SMEs is furthermore expected.

A recent report estimates that approximately 300,000 direct jobs and around a million indirect jobs will be created in the UAE by 2020. In the meantime, 90% of the jobs available will be in the travel and tourism divisions. These job chances are foreseen to be generated from 2018 to 2021.

During the preparation for Expo 2020 that proficiency in architecture, engineering, customer service, infrastructure and urban planning will be in high demand as expected.

Mohamed Dekkak