UAE in search of inexpensive solar power

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A pioneering research being undertaken by the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) could lead to innovations that involve renewable energy particularly solar power production for day and night at a cost effective and inexpensive way without the usage of costly batteries.

UAE in search of inexpensive solar power

UAE in search of inexpensive solar power

As an alternative for photovoltaics, the researchers use Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) on demand, complying with the storage of up to 600 kWh of energy in a solo chamber, thus producing stable power of 25kW for day and night.

The CSP on-demand (CSPonD) was launched and was revealed for its pilot demonstration at the Masdar Institute Solar Platform (MISP) located in Masdar City, in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. It aims to contribute to a more reasonable and dependable form of solar energy collection.

The exhibition of CSPonD is proposed to introduce the innovative single-tank thermal energy storage (TES) system, with a capacity to absorb and keep in thermal energy via melted salt or other fluid transmission channels, which is believed to be more inexpensive and efficient than the traditional two-tank systems.

This innovation will take out the prerequisite to force molten salt to the top of the solar power tower, which is the method employed by traditional two-tank TES systems.  The CSPonD Demo system doesn’t require pumps, pipes, and twin tanks by carrying the sunlight down straight to the underground receptors

It doesn’t need receiver tubes which could suffer thermal weariness and could affect the entire system operations later on. The CSPonD is expected to lessen energy costs and boost efficiency of CSP plants through the one-tank TES system.

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