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An international business monitor unit reported that United Arab Emirates is the leader in UAE- Home Of World’s Most Advance Medical Technologiesthe global medical device, technology and equipment market.
Espicom Business Intelligence forecasted that by 2018 these investments for medical technologies would be worth for more than $440 billion.
In Abu Dhabi, researchers at the ATIC-SRC Centre of Excellence for Energy Efficient Electronic Systems (ACE4S), a centre jointly established by the Advanced Technology Investment Company and the Semiconductor Research Corporation, are working on the development of systems on chip (SOC) and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMs) in health care.
To monitor the onset of heart attacks by looking at a patient’s change in weight is one of the SOC designs which is presently under improvement.
“We have sensors that will be integrated in the shoes, which give weight and balance information. This information will be processed in correlation with the medical knowledge to give indicators about the risk of heart attack for the patient,” says Ibrahim El Fadel, the co-director of ACES4S and a professor at Masdar Institute.
Technology is performing an ever-more advancement and vital role in health care. From sophisticated robots that is able to remote surgery, I.T. tools that simplifies administrative processes, now on semi-conductor chips that is helpful in the surgical table like smartphones and tablets that is widely used now in the medical field.
High risk of diabetes around the region is a given fact, that’s why a lot of medical research is focusing on this area. Of which is an ongoing research project of Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research (Kustar) are looking at is a non-invasive SOC, which monitors the levels of glucose in diabetic patients to indicate when to they need an insulin injection.
“The idea of non-invasive glucose monitoring is the [goal] of monitoring. If successful, we will have a major impact on the health care industry worldwide,” one of the researchers said.
Another innovative technology is the dental braces imbedded with a chip that monitor the movement of the fixtures and will communicate with the dentist’s office if any of them are separated from the teeth in the American University of Sharjah.
Hence, UAE is home to some of the world’s most cutting-edge research into medical uses for semi-conductor chips.