UAE expats among top earners in the world

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Regardless of rising living costs, people holding managerial and senior positions in the UAE are among the top ten highest paid in the world, according to a new study.

UAE expats among top earners in the world

UAE expats among top earners in the world

According to a research, gross and net incomes of employees across all career levels in 79 countries, explained that the take-home pay of senior and junior professionals in the UAE last year came to Dh280,481 and Dh189,154, correspondingly.

The UAE’s average net compensation for senior professionals, which breaks down to Dh23,373 monthly, is the third highest in the world, while the take-home pay for junior employees, estimated at Dh15,762 per month, ranks ninth highest globally.

Specialists averred the country’s tax-free government has put the UAE on the top 10 list of countries that give the kindest paychecks.

The UAE also placed second for upper-middle management net salaries, which is approximated at Dh616,705 and third for lower-middle management, at Dh415,903 yearly.

Nevertheless, an important proportion of the UAE’s working population who earn an average of Dh70,434 per year or Dh5,869 each month, are not among the top 10 highest-paid professionals in the world.

Salary levels in the UAE have been conventionally higher than in any further employment markets around the world. Employers have guaranteed compensation packages are delightful to expatriates, as they make an effort to obtain the right talent.

As talent is limited in the country, verified by the high percentage of expatriates living and working in the UAE, corporations had conventionally proffered to pay a premium to bring the expertise to the region. Additionally, most of these senior managers come from Western countries where pay is already high.

Dubai ranked as the 67th most expensive city in the world for expatriates, according to the report.

Mohamed Dekkak