UAE economy is buoyant

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The First Gulf Bank, chief executive officer, Andre Sayegh averred that economic predicament can be overcome if the basics are buoyant.

UAE economy is buoyant

UAE economy is buoyant

He also stated that instability will occur any time. There will always be obstacles.

The bank, which is the biggest lender by market capitalization in the UAE, intends to create a target foreign currency bond concern in the next 12 months.

The bank anticipated to post double-digit loan growth in the next 12 months. “Loan growth is picking up and some major projects are coming up.”

The strategy of the bank has been to create specialty and interest, make synergy between dissimilar specialized parts and to proffer services and products in a quick and competent method

There is nothing tangible on the achievement front and the bank is assuming careful method in terms of obtaining and investing.

It was also reported that values are significant for companies to do well and be successful. Without values, a company cannot function. Liability, adoptability, innovative nature and partnership policies are essential.

Mohamed Dekkak