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The Space Hotel, an out-of-this-world new concept where guests can travel to distant UAE, Could Be Home To The Region’s Space Hotelgalaxies while staying firmly on the ground will take the Middle East tourism industry by storm.
Recently, U.S based company Mobilona Space Hotels revealed that they received proposals from Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai for the construction of Space Hotels in the three cities.
The company also announced that development plans for the Middle East will be made as soon as construction on the Barcelona Island begins.
Mobilona initially announced last week their plan to build the Mobilona Space Hotel in Barcelona with a 300-metre zero-gravity spa and vertical wind tunnel on an artificial island off the coast.
According to Mobilona, an initial investment of Euro1.5 billion is set for the development of Barcelona Island and the construction of over 2,000 hotel suites and luxury residences
Space Hotels will also arise in Los Angeles and Hong Kong.
The Space Hotel will create absolute combination of design and technology to simulate any place on earth, or in the universe.

Plan designs are the following:

  • Windows will be transparent glass displays (immersive windows) that can be turned on during “flights” and turned off when guests want to return from their ‘Space Trip’.
  • Hotels and suites will be equipped with outstanding designed surface displays to provide guests with the best views from any location or angle.

Mobilona boast that it combines visual experiences with the “Internet of

Things” to appeal to all five senses allowing guests to see the world around them, hear sounds from everywhere, smell their favorite scents, touch objects they enjoy and taste what they desire.
It is to be said that nightly rates for hotel suites will range from €300 to over €1,500 and timeshares will start at €20,000 for an annual one-week occupancy right.