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Consumer confidence in the United Arab Emirates has remained to build, in conjunctionUAE Continues Consumer Confidence with the resurgence of the real estate market in tandem with the stability in financial markets. Year on Year, Records are Breaking, according to one local expert.

“Dubai’s real estate market was one of the fastest to come out of the crisis – many other countries are still suffering whereas we’ve seen positive signs across the UAE, and other industries are closely following suit. More retail outlets are opening up across Dubai, international organizations are continuing to expand here, and confidence in the market has definitely grown,” said the Managing Director of A-MAP, the region’s leading distributor of aftermarket automotive spare parts, batteries, tires and lubricants.

Demand for products such as automotive batteries comes hand-in-hand with increased vehicles on the road, and A-MAP has seen distribution of its Solite brand of batteries surpass 200,000 units in the retail sector alone.

“For A-MAP overall we had set a target to achieve 25% growth, and we are well on track to meet that before Q3 ends, and surpass it completely by the end of the year. Retail sales have played a large role in that growth, and we’ve had to double our team on the ground to meet demands,”

According to the managing director, on par with the UAE’s impressive growth that Saudi Arabia has been key to exceeding 2013 expectations. Big way in Saudi Arabia Consumption is quite high as a result of the population growth and vast number of projects underway, and this is reflective of greater confidence in the regional economy.

A-MAP, which was established in 2001, has seen its total scope of operations more than double in size since 2011. The company specializes in the distribution of automotive batteries, tires, spare parts and lubricants, with its significant brand names including Asimco brake pads, Fenix tyres, RBI rubber products, in addition to Solite batteries.