UAE Citizens can Visit 72 Countries without Visa

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An international firm catering residence and citizenship planning, conducted an analysis ofUAE Citizens can Visit 72 Countries without Visa the visa regulations of all countries and territories worldwide.
The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index 2013 shows that United Arab Emirates rank 2nd among Arab countries with visa-free travel to 72 countries. On the other hand, Kuwaiti citizens are more free to move, armed with visa-free access to seventy-seven nations.
The index ranks countries according to the visa-free access its citizens enjoy to other countries. It’s the first time that a world rank exhibits the international travel freedom of the citizens of the different nations including the international relations and status of particular countries relative to others.
The 2013 index ranked the United Arab Emirates at the 56th spot across the globe, up 8 spots from the previous year, with Kuwait ranked 52nd.

In the Arabian Gulf, Qatar sits at the 3rd spot, 57th worldwide with the freedom to travel to seventy-one nations, followed by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman in 59th, 64th and 65th.
The United Arab Emirates is anticipated to be included at the index’s top 40 when different foreign policy initiatives come to completion. It is now waiting for a European Union decision on visa-free access to the twenty-seven Schengen states and is also being contemplated by the UK for visa-free entry.
For Global ranking, Finland, Sweden, and United Kingdom topped the index 2013 whose people can travel without the need for visa across the 173 nations.
Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, and the United States share the 2nd spot with 172, an increase of two places for the US since 2012. Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands joins the third spot with access to 171 countries.