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United Arab Emirates tourism hub, Dubai throne the title as World’s Best City to investUAE Cities Topped World’s Best City to Invest followed by the country’s capital city, Abu Dhabi.
Dubai came on top of the cities to invest in based on the Reputation Institute survey, among eighteen thousand respondents last year, and Abu Dhabi comes 2nd. This achievement resulted in Dubai as the strongest candidate to host Expo 2020.
The two emirates outdo other cities like Geneva, Zurich, and New York.

The respondents coming from the Group of Eight (G8) markets were questioned based on their insight of which cities are the most appealing to invest, visit, live, work and buy from.
As expected, Venice and Paris got the 2 most famous destinations to visit, whereas Vancouver and Sydney appeared as the top two most recommended cities to work and live in. Munich and Tokyo resulted as the most preferred cities for shopping.

Talking about good reputation which attracts investments, countries with a good reputation welcome more tourists and attract more exports, foreign direct investments and talent. It has been said that most of the world’s investors would drove to Dubai and Abu Dhabi considering this factor.
Experts said that public perceptions can hugely affect, among others, the number of investments that flow into a specific market. The more people feel safe and at ease about a place, the more possible investors will put their money in.
The Reputation Institute likewise released lately the 2013 Country RepTrak Report, which assessed the reputation of countries. Out of the fifty nations covered in the 2013 survey, the UAE finished 31st, getting a score of 49.3, ahead of Russia, China, South Korea, Turkey, and Greece among others.
Canada topped the list as the most reputable country in the world for the third consecutive time from 2011, succeeded by Switzerland, Sweden, Australia and Norway.

The Reputation Institute, based in New York City and is present in thirty countries, has been measuring people’s perceptions towards different cities and countries across the globe since 1999.