UAE Capital Prepares New Odor Control Facilities Tenders

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The 41-kilometer deep sewer tunnel, a $1.6 billion latest project in Abu Dhabi is soon to release its construction tender for another two new Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programfacilities for odor control system.

Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC) says that company who will won the project of the new super sewer systems will design, build and operate the system for a few years.

The authority already applied more importance on the odor control system of the Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Program (STEP) because of its susceptibility that it must be odorless.

The U.S designed STEP calculates how the calculate how the sewage and the gases would flow through the new tunnel. Outlined in Iowa University, the facility can push modeling boundaries to the limit.

Sewer Tunnels is the capital city’s first mechanized tunneling project using earth pressure balance machines. Specification details are 41km bore runs from the island, where it is 24 meters below ground, south to the mainland, where it descends to 80 meters.

Completed last October 2013, the main tunneling work went through three major contracts. The whole facility is set to complete by 2015.

Mohamed Dekkak