UAE appeared as third ‘Strongest Nation Brands’

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The UAE has appeared as the third strongest nation brand, and at the moment, its emirates share the attributes the world’s leading cities are mentioned praised for.

UAE appeared as third 'Strongest Nation Brands'

UAE appeared as third ‘Strongest Nation Brands’

Based on a report, Singapore places at the top spot in the record of ‘Top 10 Strongest Nation Brands’, and is followed by Switzerland and UAE.

Other GCC nation to make it is Qatar, which is positioned on 9th place.

By enhancing an apparent visualization for their brands, backed by willpower and bulk investment, several of the Gulf nations have followed Singapore’s lead. Information also mentioned that UAE’s brand value at $403 billion, and gave it a AAA brand rating. They also

The report mentioned that expansion of the UAE as a transportation centre, its progressive airports, and a uncomplicated environment regardless of disorder as results for the nation making the list.

There is no reservation that Abu Dhabi, Dubai and more progressively Doha have enormous attraction for investors, substantially proficient expatriate workers and tourists from Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

A constructive tax government has made the UAE as a known centre for investors across the globe, while flourishing tourism has announced other streams of income for the country.

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