UAE airlines ranked among world’s safest airlines

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Emirates and Etihad airlines have been included in 2013 World’s Safest Airlines where theUAE airlines ranked among world's safest airlinestwo made it on the top 5.

According to industry website, Of the 137 airlines to achieve the highest seven-star rating, Emirates was ranked third overall, with Etihad ranked fourth.

Australian national carrier Qantas topped the safest airline list with a fatality-free record since the jet era began around 1951.

The international safety and product rating website monitored 448 airlines last year, with a team of eight editors from around the globe taking into account audits from aviation governing bodies and head associations, gov’t audits as well as the airline’s fatality document.

Emirates also bagged three major awards at the Airline Excellence Awards in New Zealand on Monday night for Best First Class, Best In-flight Entertainment and Best Long Haul Airline based in the Middle East and Africa.

“Middle East airlines such as Emirates and Etihad have been very astute and employed the best of the best across the board whether it is airline network, operational or engineering people or the best pilots,” editor-in-chief of the website said.

It added that because of the airlines focus on excellence those airlines have also looked to the best, such as Qantas, and aimed to match the airline or do better.

The editors praised the airline’s overall long-haul product and the fact that the airline has established and then perfected the Middle East hub to the world model.