UAE Air Carrier Introduces “Hotel” Rooms On Board

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Etihad Airways revealed the interiors of their new A380 and 787 aircraft which will offer a luxurious boutique hotelUAE Air Carrier Introduces “Hotel” Room Styles experience in the sky, “The Residence”

A private residence with butler service is part of the new and finest offering of the airline, including art exhibits and prayer rooms.

The Airbus A380 will feature ‘The Residence’, located on the upper deck of the plane, which consists of a living room, separate double bedroom and a shower room. Passengers of The Residence will have their own private butler as well.

In addition to The Residence, the A380 will also offer ‘First Apartments’ for first class and business class, while the economy cabin will have ‘smart’ seats. The new cabin classes will also be in Etihad’s fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

According to Etihad, the hotel rooms will be equipped with Panasonic eX3 entertainment system which will operate in both fleets including more than 750 hours of the latest in entertainment and gaming, which will play in high definition screens across all cabins. Both the A380 and B787 aircraft will also be armored with Wi-Fi.

Etihad Airways’ A380 and B787 promises to have their prices remain at a competitive level while delivering the most advanced and sophisticated airline cabins in the industry.

In 2008, the Etihad Design Consortium was established by Etihad, together with Acumen, Factorydesign and Honour Branding, to make a revamp of the new cabin and seat designs.

Mohamed Dekkak