UAE, to have 192 Skyscrapers by 2015

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Top ranked as the World’s fastest rising real estate market, the UAE willUAE to have 192 Skyscrapers by 2015 have almost 200 skyscrapers by 2015 escalating per tower with more than 150m high.
This latest report presented by Council on Tall Buildings & Urban Habitat (CTBUH) said that 149 towers will be built in Dubai, the other 32 will be located in Abu Dhabi, 8 in Sharjah, 2 in Fujairah and one in Ajman.
Notably, the first 150m plus skyscraper constructed in Dubai in 1999 named Burj Al Arab. However, Dubai has now two 100-story plus towers for the record; the Burj Khalifa with 160 meters height is the World’s Tallest Tower and Princess Tower with 101 meters height, still the record holder as the World’s Tallest Residential Tower.
the predominance of the UAE in lodging the tallest private towers on the planet is at present unchallenged as the seven tallest private towers on the planet are situated in nation, with the best four in Dubai Marina locale.
The report added that by 2015, The Middle East will have 289 towers as overall that crosses 150 meters in height
Presently, are only 21 towers in the world (constructed/under construction/proposed) with over 100-storeys high.