U.S. Institute for Scholars Launched in Morocco

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United States’ Institute for Scholars, a program sponsored by the U.S Department of StateU.S. Institute for Scholars Launched in Morocco Bureau of Education and Cultural was launched this month in Morocco.
The program themed as “U.S. National Security Policymaking” was introduced for Moroccans to monitor, examine and make a thorough study on the particulars of the national security policy of the U.S. government.
Series of study includes among its activities, a research tour to a region in the United States, it principally aims at promoting different education areas, such as research, about the U.S.
The institute will also bring in U.S. foreign and national security policy and the roles that the federal government, media, and public opinion play in forming this policy, in particular, encompasses a formative program.
Security issues such as counter terrorism strategies, cyber-security, and nuclear weapons will be also observed in the curriculum as the security concerns of Africa will be an integral part of the program, as well as a focus on many other regions of interest.
This program is to be said a golden opportunity for Moroccans.
Applicants who are interested top join the program must be between 30-50 years of age, motivated, experienced, and well-educated. Professors from different backgrounds are also invited to take part in the program.