Two new nuclear power reactors in UAE, approved

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The third and fourth nuclear power reactors are now approved by the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) of the UAE.

Two new nuclear power reactors in UAE, approved

Two new nuclear power reactors in UAE, approved

Endorsed by the FANR Board of Management, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) will commence the building of the two additional nuclear power reactors to be located at the Barakah site in the Western section of the Abu Dhabi. ENEC is mandated and licensed to construct two Korean-designed, advanced pressurized water reactors with the electricity production capacity of 1,400 megawatts each.

According to FANR, the construction license for the first two reactors was granted in July 2012. The license allows ENEC to build the power reactors provided that ENEC apply for a separate operating license in order to operate the reactors. Application for the license of operation of the reactors one and two is expected to be submitted by ENEC in 2015.

According to the Chairman of the FANR Board of Management, the recent license authorization reflects the major progress of the United Arab Emirates in terms of nuclear energy. The approval was made after 18 months of rigorous evaluation of about 200 FANR together with the other technical specialists. It is said that FANR team is devoted to guarantee that the nuclear energy in UAE is on the right track, and in a peaceful and safe condition. The assessment integrated lessons and pointers gathered from the incident at a Nuclear Power Station in Japan in March 2011.

Furthermore, in line with the comprehensive review of the operating license application, FANR will not cease to keep an eye on the Barakah site and will see to it that the construction adheres to all rules and regulations before the authorization to start operation is granted to ENEC.

Mohamed Dekkak