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Arab Social Media Report of Dubai School of Government announced on their latest reportTwitter And Facebook Continue To Rock Arab World that users of the eminent social media Twitter and Facebook are continuously arising and actively participating.
In 2012 as Arabic-language tweets ballooned Twitter users in the Arab world recorded as doubled from 2 million to 3.7 million. Arabic accounted for almost three quarters of the 336 million tweets sent in the region during March.
While on Facebook, extra 10 million Arab users registered in 1 month.
“With more than 55 million active Arab users of Facebook and 3.7 million of Twitter, social media is already playing a growing role in formal and informal education, on-demand training and in capacity building”. Dubai School of Government says on a press release.
The report also showed a profound section relating the advantages and drawbacks of social media for Arab youth.

A survey was made where as 56 % of parents expressed their concerns about the disturbance of social media it may bring to their kids.

55% of teachers recognized and recommends the use of social media as student’s study resource.
2/3 of the respondents agreed that the use of online resources helps students and children to catch up on their schooling.
Teaching methods on the internet, such as EdX, Coursera and Udacity, have been viewed as a challenge to satellite campuses and the UAE’s aspirations as an education hub.
The explosive growth of smart phone users has been also noted as the users of social media increases in the country.
This end of March, 173.7 per 100 residents were subscribed to internet mobile phones while 11.9 per 100 inhabitants has broadband subscriptions.
According to the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, this means that there is a 13 per cent increase in mobile use from the same month in 2012