Tryout of Port Community System, kicks off

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The preliminary testing for the Port Community System operation by Abu Dhabi Ports has started.

Tryout of Port Community System, kicks off

Tryout of Port Community System, kicks off

The new system ‘Maqta Gateway’ is now functional after the well completed overall development as stated by master developer of ports in the emirate.

Maqta Gateway is considered the first custom built Port Community System (PCS) in the Abu Dhabi which provides shipping lines and agents, customs representatives, terminal operators and other government agencies a standard point-of-access and immediate information from a broad range of services.

The port developer continuously improving and making use of advanced technologies to become major enablers of diversification by reorganizing marine businesses in the Emirate.

With its initiative to support Abu Dhabi’s goal towards economic diversification, the Abu Dhabi Ports offers the agents and shipping lines, operating vessels via Abu Dhabi Ports’ flagship Khalifa Port, the Maqta Gateway as part of the early operational stage.

Maqta Gateway will participate in facilitating the rising import and export activities, placing Abu Dhabi as a key business center in the region.

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