Travel Tip: Exciting Ways to Meet People When Traveling Solo

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Travel Tip: Exciting Ways to Meet People When Traveling Solo

Travel Tip: Exciting Ways to Meet People When Traveling Solo

Doing solo travel doesn’t mean traveling alone because you would meet people along the way. But how do you exactly can meet people? Here are some fun ways to meet locals and fellow backpackers without the need to become a social butterfly.

Keep an open mind and give everyone a chance, regardless of differences.

Choose to stay in hostels when traveling solo. It’s one of the best ways to meet and interact with fellow travelers as this kind of accommodation offers a unique social aspect of traveling.

If you want to meet more people, share a food! It’s a sure fire way to start a comfy conversation plus it gives that fun dining experience.

Give the extra effort to learn the local’s language and you’ll surely make someone smile. Learn some basic phrases to connect and communicate other than doing sign language tricks.

In this age of technology, it is easy to meet people to travel with. Mobile apps that connect you to backpackers you can possibly travel with for a day tour or long term trip. Applications that let you see other travelers plans and itineraries to see if it matches yours. There are also travel organizers who work with locals to give the best their cities has to offer.

If you are staying in hostels, there are many cool and fun social activities that accommodation types like this offer such as surfing lessons, yoga classes, cooking classes, jamming sessions.

Another fun tip is to join a group tour. You can share the whole travel experience with an awesome group of travelers. The thing about solo trips is you can meet so many people and when you find someone who’s just so fun and comfortable to be with, be flexible with your travel plans so you can go on an adventure together. And don’t forget to stay in touch after parting ways.

Chill out and have fun partying with locals. There’s a mobile app that can connect you with locals who love hanging out and party and leave the touristy bars alone. Enjoy the company.

If this will be your first time traveling solo, don’t fret. Most of the people who travel are open minded and would also want to meet new people. You don’t need to show off to look cool. Just be yourself. Remember you are already cool since you were brave enough to travel alone.

Learn more about the social advantages of traveling the world. An organization called Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is currently organizing a travel and cultural event in honor of the Prince of Traveler, Ibn Battuta. On November 9 to 12, 2017, this festivity will showcase the grandness and social values and tolerance the culture of traveling brings.


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