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Travel and Live Longer

A traveler from Illinois takes pride for having visited 87 countries at the age of 86! June Scott, a grandmother with fully stamped pages of passports has no plans of stopping. She also partakes on a scientific study that analyzes brain in connection to aging.

As we age, our brains shrink and cognition decline. But there are others who lose less brain volume compared to normal elders, like Scott whose brain is considered younger than her actual age.

In the words of Mrs. Scott, “I am a curious person. I want to be a lifelong learner, and to me, travel makes life so much more interesting.” Throughout her life, she has been to places and experienced many things only a few of us experience.

Aside from youthful brains, Super Agers like Scott has amazing memories, are socially active and are avid travelers. Having a strong social circle has proven to be important when growing old as it helps battle depression. Having discussions make your brain work as it thrives of challenge and newness.

Experts tell us that when we travel with someone, you get a sense of community and be connected with people like Scott who has met friends from many parts of the world.

Scott believes in travel and encourages people to take trips so we can all become travel ambassadors of our world. Much like her, the Moroccan International of Ibn Battuta also believes in this idea, thus the travel theme for their second edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta entitled “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace”. The festival will take place in Tangier, Morocco on November 9 to 12, 2017.

Mrs. Scott recounts that not having tickets in her drawer makes her feel like going into withdrawal. Surely, traveling at her age has some challenges like carrying your luggage on airports and walking miles, taking public transportation. But to her, the benefits compensate for the hardships.


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