A Travel Event Commemorating the Legacy of Ibn Battuta

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A Travel Event Commemorating the Legacy of Ibn Battuta

A Travel Event Commemorating the Legacy of Ibn Battuta

Known for his travels that lasted on a 30-year period, covering most of the Islamic world, the name Ibn Battuta has long been recognized as a world traveler. Coming from a Muslim family, he also has visited countries in Northern and Western Africa, Middle East, India, South and East of Europe, Central and Southeast Asia to name a few. Upon returning to Morocco, he shared his learnings on these journeys to Ibn Juzay.

Having travelled great distance at a young age of 21, Ibn Battuta’s contribution to the field of geography is undeniable yet his detailed journeys are only accessible to few. It is in this aspect that the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta decided to organize a second edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta to rediscover his contributions and those of other great world travelers.


Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace

Organized under the theme, “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace”, the event hopes to celebrate the legacy of Ibn Battuta and other historic world travelers to encourage today’s generation to discover the world that lies beyond them. Visiting countries does not only mean exploring tourist destinations, more importantly, you gain a deeper understanding on the locals and their way of life. Experiencing these and sharing your understanding so others can understand too is enough for one to become an Ambassador of Peace.



Event Program

The organizing committee has started preparing some interesting activities. Included in the lists are forums with subjects on travel literature and geography, film showing, theater plays with re-enactment on the journey of Ibn Battuta, music and stage shows, travel fairs as well as street art displays.

The event highlighting Ibn Battuta’s travel literature presents the importance of travel stories being shared. With today’s many modern platforms that allow travelers of today to share and blog their travel stories, a lot will be learned and discovered during this 4-day event.



An International Stage

An event as big as this is a great opportunity to meet other travelers from across the globe. Interested participants who will be coming from outside of Morocco will get to know more about Ibn Battuta’s home city, Tangier. In the same way, Morocco will welcome nationalities from different parts of the world visited by Ibn Battuta himself. It will be an event full of colorful cultural exchange experience.

For this reason, the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is encouraging everyone to come visit the city of Tangier. They are calling on travel bloggers, literary writers, photographers, historians, cultural professionals and modern day globetrotters.

This year’s International Festival of Ibn Battuta is schedule on 9-12 of November at the city of Tangier in the Kingdom of Morocco.


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