Tourist information point to Sahel Shamali, created

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Enjoying a strategic location, just 4 km south of the town of Asilah Beach Rmilat is distinguished by its fine golden sand and its wild charm typical of the Atlantic coast.

Tourist information point to Sahel Shamali, created

Tourist information point to Sahel Shamali, created

To this end, a new tourist information point has just been established by the League of tourism stakeholders of Asilah. According to officials of the project, this tutorial is intended, first, to discover the strengths of both beaches and Rmilat Sidi Mghayit, both situated in Sahel Shamali, one of eight rural municipalities in the prefecture Tangier-Asilah.

They have focused their sights on the beach Rmilat to install this new information and this point, because of the great influx knows that this beach during the summer. We want, for this purpose, to discover, to summer and through leaflets and promotional cards, tourist attractions Sahel Shamali and those of the entire Tangier-Tetouan region.

In addition to this data point, the League of tourism stakeholders established during this summer, two tourist signs to the two beaches and Rmilat Sidi Mghayit. As for Rmilat, the initiators of this project highlight the features, including its legendary cave and the vastness of its range.

Considered a favorite place for foreigners, especially Spanish and French, this beach is also distinguished by its location in the middle of nature. Situated near Rmilat and 12 km south of Asilah, the beautiful sandy beach of Sidi Mghayit is highly prized by lovers of swimming and family environments. It is popular due to its high waves, by enthusiasts of all sports, including surfing or jet skiing. This beach owes its charm and reputation for its golden sand and transparent waters, but also his mausoleum of the famous marabout Sidi Mghayit.

Mohamed Dekkak