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Tourism, a Tool for Tolerance

Tourism, a Tool for Tolerance

The tourism industry is not just pure business, its most important benefits lie in social impact, what it offers to the society. The travel business oversees the movement of millions of travelers from different parts of the globe annually. And even though reasons behind these travels vary, each of the trips leads to new experiences and that’s a positive thing.

Former United States of America President John F. Kennedy states that one of the greatest forces of peace and understanding is through the culture of travel. When we travel the world and discover about international customs and acknowledge the individualities of each country, we build a culture of global understanding that may greatly develop the environment for world peace.

The industry of tourism cultivates inter-cultural interaction. When arranged in a sustainable manner and in agreement with locals, it lessens pre-judgment and encourages goodwill. Eventually, it builds understanding and tolerance.

However, current events happening in other countries present a challenge on peace. Hence, it is needed now, more than ever, to promote the culture of tourism as a tool for tolerance.

Violence in other regions has prompt government officials to put emphasis on better improved security measures but also affecting everyone’s freedom to travel. Solutions that may address the symptom but is not really providing a cure. Instead of closing our doors, peace would be better attained if there is greater openness.



International Travel Conference

In line with the issues above, the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is organizing an international travel fest entitled International Festival of Ibn Battuta. Scheduled on November 9-12, 2017, the event will take place in Tangier City, Morocco.

Now on its second edition, this travel and cultural festival aim to promote the peace, unity, and tolerance through the culture of traveling inspired by the journey of the Great Ibn Battuta. Representatives from travel communities across the globe will be participating in this year’s event. To know more about this, visit their official website at


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