Tourism in Marrakech showed half-a-year relative growth

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Marrakech confirmed sustained growth indicators for all tourism in the first six months according to the Regional Tourism Council (CRT).

Tourism in Marrakech showed half-a-year relative growth

Tourism in Marrakech showed half-a-year relative growth

The report states that hotel performance during nights went up by 11% compared to the same period results released last year.  This accounts to 3,129, 463 people.  The source states that Marrakech has welcomed some 992,698 visitors and the volume of arrivals has also posted a 10% increase compared to the same period last year.

In terms of resource markets, the statistics showed a distinctive increase of 39.47% in the German market, which is one of three major projects of the CRT Action Plan 2014-2017 which strategic objectives on focusing on the promotion of German and British markets by, among others, the enormous potential they represent. As the German market considered the priority as the first source of tourists market in the world with over 60 million per year, the CRT has implemented a series of measures designed to strengthen the presence of the city.

The proceedings include the adoption of new communication and promotion in the International Tourism Fair in Berlin (ITB) with a strong delegation of over than fifty professionals, and that strengthening air links between the red city and the German cities.

Other source markets have also experienced significant increases, including Italy with 30.57%, Spain (30.41%), Great Britain (27.45%) and Belgium with 19%.

The CRT observed that domestic tourism has been a major part of the clientele of the hotel establishments of the city, each with 287,444 arrivals and 661,325 overnight stays. The hotel occupancy rate showed 55.22% in the first half of 2014, higher compared from 52.43% recorded in the same period last year.

As a genuine vehicle for national tourism and most popular tourist destination worldwide, Marrakech has about 175 hotel establishments, classified 980 guest houses in addition to the scheduled opening of four new hotel units this year with a total hotel capacity of 59,728 beds to be increased to 85,000 beds by 2020.

Mohamed Dekkak.