Tourism is a fast ground in Tangier

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The pearl of the north strengthens its position in the destinations of selection for travelers.

Tourism is a fast ground in Tangier

Tourism is a fast ground in Tangier

Based on numerical facts, Tangier has been attracting since the beginning of the year until mid-November more than 108,900 tourists. While the city hosted a total of 104,000 during 2014. The significance of this sector in secure enlargement Tanger is now ready with new prevailing infrastructure, dedicated to cruises. Three berths are set up for the welcoming of large ships in the conversion project of Tangier City harbor area targeted by the regional program contract (CPR) of the North Cape area.

It should be distinguished that during this phase of work restructuring facing the port area Tanger city, the constant improvement of the activity of cruises already explained it by the passage of large ships. Besides, the same informations show, since the beginning of the current year and up to mid-November, the docking of about 83 ships at the port. Among which are those belonging to well-known global companies, including the Italian Costa.

The establishment of a commission at the port city Tangier is essential to ensure the support, assistance and guidance of cruise operations. This commission is composed of all the partners, in this case, port authorities, the wilaya of Tangier, the tourist brigade and council of the tourism delegation.

With no forgetting the great labors made by the Wali of the Tangier-Tetouan region-Al Hoceima, Mohamed Yacoubi, for the achievement of this program at the Tanger-Ville dock.

It must be remembered that in addition to cruise lines, Tangier – including the National Tourism generates over 50% of arrivals and overnight stays of its accommodations touristiques- is dedicated to diversifying its proposal to meet prospects of different types of customers.

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