Tougher Competitions on Jobs after Dubai Wins World Expo2020

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The World’s Expo2020 will increase in the local job market competition, though there are several workers who will benefit from the 25% salary raise, according to an industry expert.

Any increase in job demand will also likely to be met with the addition of more opportunities in other growing sectors. Although the event may trigger an arrival of jobseekers into Dubai, only those with the necessary work visa can stay in the country permanently.

Recognized as the world’s 3rd biggest after the Olympics and the World Cup, the status of Dubai as an expat destination is anticipated to elevate further. The World Expo is anticipated to generate more than two hundred thousand jobs, but the population in the United Arab Emirates, which is at around 9.2M based last year, is already seen to reach 12.2 million in 2018. With thousands of jobs forecast to be created, more people will want to come to Dubai for work and jobseekers may be in for a tough ride ahead.

The jobs needed for the expo must be put in place so huge competition from both local and international resourcing firms will be carried out. “In return, human resources and headhunters from across the globe will start focusing on the Middle East region as top jobs and associated salaries hit the finance, hospitality and construction sectors,” he added.

“Salary raises will mostly effect middle and senior level workers with relevant experience,” according to the HR consultant. The expected pay increases will benefit the real estate and banking industries, construction/infrastructure, but it will not be across the board.

“In the near future, we would not anticipate seeing any significant rise in salary,” he said. “The declaration has just been made. It would take time for it to start to get new budgets, hire, make plans and expand company plans,” as he ended.