Top purchaser of Boeing planes named, 649 orders for Middle East

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The UAE is the third largest customer for Boeing, following North America and China inTop purchaser of Boeing planes named, 649 orders for Middle East rank. Boeing has 649 purchase orders in the Middle East region as of June 2013 of different models with a main focus on 787s-Dreamliners and 777s, of which 126 purchase orders for the 787s model, 71 for 747s, 271 for 777s and 181 for the 737s model.
Leading the market are the Emirates Airlines and the Etihad Airways with orders of 139 planes for the 777s model of which 76 and 62 are to be delivered. With regard to Etihad Airways, 19 of 77s had been delivered while 41 of 787s and 2 of 777s will be delivered before the end of 2014.
The Qatar Airways is the second airline in the Middle East in terms of orders who had ordered 74 planes of which 44 are 777s model while 30 are 787s. The Saudi Arabian Airlines had ordered 51 planes, eight are 787s and forty three are 777s of which 13 of the 777s are to be delivered.
The management of Boeing Middle East revealed that 50 orders came from Flydubai to purchase 737s of which 29 were delivered and the remaining 21 planes to be delivered in time. Gulf Air has 16 orders, seven orders from Royal Jordanian and the Republic of Iraq ordered 41 planes. Another plane of model 737 Max had 1,495 orders which will be delivered by the 3rd quarter of 2017.
The net commercial airplane orders in 2012 have reached 1,203. There will be a demand for 35,000 planes over the next 20 years as projected amounting to about Dh 17.6 trillion ($4.8 trillion). The new aviation orders will be worth $550 billion in the Middle East region over the next 20 years. The world cargo traffic will increase by more than 80 percent during this period as demand for air cargo services more than doubles.