Tiznit:  a gem in the south west of Morocco

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Tiznit is a province located at the west region of the Anti-Atlas, having a land area 8,200 square kilometers surrounded by Ait Baha in the north, Taroudant in the east, Guelmim in the south, and the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

Tiznit:  a gem in the south west of Morocco

Tiznit:  a gem in the south west of Morocco

The place is found 80 kilometers away south of Agadir and is a strategic junction between Tafraoute region  and the mountains, the Atlantic coast and the grand Moroccan Sahara.

As per historical viewpoint, Tiznit was the birthplace of a renowned empire of Almoravides who reigned Morocco from Madrasa El Ouaggaguia in Aglou which is a coastal community 14 kilometers from Tiznit. Another contributions to its history is the significance the Sultans Alawites given to the city. Tiznit was visited twice by Sultan Moulay Hassan I for the first time in 1882 and came back again in 1886.

Some of the famous landmarks that dominates Tiznit are the Grand Mosque, Khalifa Palace, and the El Méchouar Place. There are five historic gates surrounding the Old Medina of Tiznit that obviously look like those of the city of Essaouira and  manifest the Alawite heritage. These entryways are called Bab Aglou, Bab el Khemis, Bab Targa, Bab el Maader and Bab Oulad Jerrar.

Tiznit is the home of the premium jewels of the Southern Morocco. Daggers are famous including horse saddles and ornaments like Fantasia rifles, anklets, pendants that women put on their chests or foreheads accentuated with semi-precious gems and enamels.

The province is well known for its  dynamic civil society. Over  200 organizations specializing in a particular areas of development like philanthropy, education, culture, sport, and music. These facts render it heart of cultural vigor in the south of Morocco.

Furthermore, Tiznit is blessed with several public facilities; there are five socio-cultural centers, 10 sport ground like the  Almassira Stadium; Olympic Swimming Pool, Bahia Cinema Hall, Museum of Heritage, Handicraft Complex, road station, 4 esteemed hotels and so on.

The council is honored by people for the programs and projects it invests to keep the city beauty for  tourism.

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